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Besides our solvent based coatings, well known for their characteristics of great resistance to wear and corrosion, we can now supply a new generation of water base paints.

Water-based systems are approaching as versatility of solvent-based systems with the goal to provide water base paints with same quality of solvent based also reproducing all the decorative effects with the same easy application conditions. The challenge is great, but many steps have already been taken, and the future is getting closer.

The most innovative products are: 


Epoxy lacquer for all metals (also Titanium and Aluminium)


Polyurethan lacquer for metals


Polyurethan 2 components universal for almost all plastics and metals.

Special effect lacquers: pearl effect, metal imitation (Aluminium, Gold, Silver, Palladium, etc.), iridescent, fluorescent and phosphorescent effects.



One of the most used decorative systems is colouring frames with dyestuffs.

Adding dyestuffs to clear coating, transparent and charming colours are obtained. Unfortunately increasing the quantity of dyestuff there is a loss of quality of the coating, so it is necessary to coat at least another layer.

UNICOAT is not a lacquer, but a new fabrication system: dyestuff pigments are mixed with the coating already during the fabrication.

A very high quality is obtained with only one layer of coating: several tests have been carried out to verify the difference between the traditional applications and UNICOAT. With high contains of dyestuff (between 5 and 10%) the resistance is similar, with highest concentrations.

UNICOAT fabrication system is available in all Elsy Research lacquers.

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