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ELSY RESEARCH is collaborating with several Universities and research groups in Italy and in Europe like

Venice University, Chemistry Department
Padova University, Mechanics Engineering Department
Trento University, Materials Engineering Department
Padova CNR
TNO Industrial Technology, The Netherlands

Certottica, Italian Institute for the Certification of optical products

Among the various researches under development, the most important are:

  Development water varnish processes (Program Interreg IV Italy- Austria 2007-2013; ID 6002)
• silver galvanic bath without cyanide
• bronze bath without cyanide
• alloys of palladium without nickel
• treatment of magnesium

•  Nanotechnologies


POR FESR 2007-2013 Azione 1.1.3 "Contributi per l'utilizzo da parte delle imprese di strutture qualificate per l'attività di ricerca". Dgr 1555 del 31/07/2012

A few words to explain nickel-free coatings
Published on: • Vedere Tech N°3 1994

Low nickel release decorative galvanic coating
Published on: • Vedere Tech N°4 1999

White bronze deposits on copper
Published on:
• Vedere Tech N°5 1999
• AIFM galvanotecnica e nuove finiture 1999
• Galvitech magazine 2000

Nickel-free frames without noble metals
Published on: • Vedere Tech N°3 2000

Cyanides-free silver deposits
Published on: • Vedere Tech N°4 2000

The cancerogenous nature of nickel and cobalt
Published on: • Vedere Tech suppl. N°2 2001

Cancerogenicità di nichel e cobalto: possibili sostituti nella galvanica decorative
Published on:
• TF trattamenti e finiture N°4 2001
• Il chimico italiano N°3 2002

Black electroplated finishing with low nickel release
Published on: • AIFM galvanotecnica e nuove finiture 2003

Nickel-free austenitic stainless steel for the eyewear industry: a new alloy
• TF trattamenti e finiture 2003
• Vedere Tech int. N°1 2004


Participates the workshops
Elsy Reserch

La galvanica dei preziosi

Conegliano, may 2000

Speaker: Gianni Gajo

Corrosion  inhibition of  copper  in  aerated H2SO4   by   indole   and some  its  derivatives

Marilleva, june 2001

Speaker: Prof. G. Quartarone

Cancerogenicità di nichel e cobalto: possibili sostituti nella galvanica decorative

Vicenza oro 2, 12 june 2001

Speaker: M. Gajo

Depositi di oro bianco esenti da nichel e cobalto

Galvitech+finishing, 14 esptember 2002

Speaker: M. Gajo

Finiture galvaniche di colore nero a basso rilascio di nichel

Vicenza oro 2, 10 june 2003

Speaker: M. Gajo

Corrosion and wear resistant electrodeposited composite coatings

Eurointerfinish, 23-24 october 2003

Speaker: M. Lekka

Round tables

La galvanica oggi: tra nuove tecnologie e rispetto per l'ambiente

Milano, may 2002

Participant: M. Gajo

Decorative coatings: the future and fashion applications

Eurointerfinish, 23-24 otctober 2003

Participant: M. Gajo

Water based paints: benefits, limits and prospects

(Program Interreg IV Italia-Austria 2007-2013; DWVP)

Longarone, 28 March 2014

Participant: M. Gajo - The future of water based paints