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Passion leads the inspiration
for our work.



A great inner strength pushes one who wishes to create something. It represents the fire of the artist who seeks the perfect melody, the challenge of pioneer that advances into uncharted territories. There is great satisfaction when you see your dreams coming true, but the journey can often be a long one.

Being able to harmonize the components of a new plating bath or a new paint is a tough and meticulous job. It is the result of endless dedication and attention to detail without the guarantee of results.

This great energy leading us is our passion to always ask more from ourselves and our work, because in the end, the most beautiful conquest is always the next one.


Our experience
tells a story
30 years long.

Elsy Research is one of the few companies worldwide that provides products to support both electroplating and painting, specifically dedicated to the decoration of metals, plastics, and other various substrates.

Over 30 years of experience and direct knowledge of the complete range of decorative systems currently available, allows us to face various problems of customers with an extremely wide range and often innovative solutions.

The company was founded in the mid-seventies as a manufacturer of plating baths. In 1980 Elsy Research begins the sale of paints and, at the end of the Eighties, the company acquired Argonauta allowing us to begin the production of transfer foils.

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In 2018, following the acquisition by LEGOR GROUP SPA, the business of galvanic baths finds new strength within a large group, being able today to rely on a synergistic and increasingly competent team. Improvement is continuous, as well as the development of new products for a high-quality customer support.